about Us

Stornaexpress, is the largest e-commerce site in the world, and includes more than (10,000) products in various categories that include electronics, fashion, household products, watches, perfumes, and others.
Stornaexpress today attracts more than three million visitors a month, and is growing very rapidly due to the increasing number of online shoppers in the Arab world.
Stornaexpress acts as a retail site in addition to serving as a marketplace for third-party sellers. Stornaexpress provides a comfortable and secure shopping experience with the ability to pay online, the ability to pay cash upon receiving the goods, and the possibility of returning them for free.
Stornaexpress was established in 2017 and was a pioneer in the field of online shopping in the region as an auction site.
In addition to our headquarters in Istanbul, in the state of Turkey; Stornaexpress caters to the needs of local and international markets with its commercial offices in all countries of the European Union, Canada, North America, the Arab Gulf region and the African Union.
Our logo may have evolved over the years, but our priority has not changed.
Driven by smart technology, everything we do is designed to put the power in your hands directly, giving you the freedom to shop anywhere and anywhere.
Stornaexpressis trusted by millions, because we do not send you products to your residence happily and happily. With StornaExpress you\'ll always get a good deal with exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and smooth as possible.
This is Stornaexpress- power in your hands
Storna Express : Phone: (+ 90) 53-703-155-07